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It is no doubt Top, Best, Cheap Gold Loan Software means-G Tech Web Solutions. G Tech Web Solutions has been working over the years with Gold Loan Software or Gold Loan Management Software for the financial institutions all over the country. It offers user friendly management system that helps every one easy to operate. It offers many distinct features that are essential . It also gives to include new features by updating the system.In a word, to cope up with the modern business system this software comes with very unique features that satisfies all the needs of clients .

Advanced Features

Requirements Analysis

1. Document Upload
MLM Comp Planning

2. MS Reminders
MLM Website Design

3. CIBIL Report
MLM Software Coding

4. Integrated Accounting
MLM Software Unit Testing

5. Business Reports
Acceptance Testing

6. Collection & Dues
software Implementation

7. Multi-Branch Reports
Network Marketing Training

8. Roles & Permissions
software Implementation

9. Print & Export Documents
Network Marketing Training

10. Defaulter Management
Network Marketing Training

11. Some more Features,
Network Marketing Training

12. Photograph of customers are attached to their personal records.
Network Marketing Training

13. All contracts can be viewed immediately on screen.
Network Marketing Training

14. Clone existing contracts for repeat transactions.
Network Marketing Training

15. Scan in cheque and credit card details for cheque cashing.
Network Marketing Training

16. Gold Loan collection receipt with customer copy is available in compact style

The Quality of Gold Loan Software

The best Finance Management Tool to reckon

Highly Secure

Quick approval

Our Advanced Gold Loan Software will enable you to approve a Gold loan very quickly. You may know that most of the major Banks and other NBFC companies claim that they can approve and disburse a Gold Loan within 1 hour. You can also serve the same benefit to your clients, by using our loan management application. This way you can compete with the big finance market players and do your business

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Easy Management

An ideal loan software should be easy to operate and manage. Too much complicacy is not required as it can give you pain when you are managing a loan with it. Our Gold Loan Software would provide you completely trouble-free experience. Because our decade old expert developers know all the aspects of Loan processing. That's why they've the most easy Software to manage Gold loans.

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100% Transparency

Another great quality of our application is that it enables transparency while working with the management. This is a very modern concept. Nowadays everyone in this Earth possesses the right to know, virtually everything. As a client they can ask you the questions regarding the loan procedures and modules. Our Gold Loan Software will help you to answer your clients, efficiently.

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User Friendly

Our Software is high-tech and sophisticated. We know that this app would be used by the employee and the customers. Our Lag free application enabled easy to use customers UX design. So that your consumers won't find it difficult, when they use it to check their Loan status, Repayment Schedule, outstanding amount etc.

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Custom Master Entry

You can add unlimited number of custom User, Role, Scheme, Category, Interest Rate etc with our Gold Loan Management Software. We offer you full flexibility and accessibility with our application. And it won't matter if you are having a very big finance company with large numbers of clients and products. Our app can take care all those things, very easily.

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Customer Relationship Management

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool of our best Gold Loan Software enables you to maintain excellent relationship with your clients. It will get you all the details of clients like Address, KYC elements, contact details and also banking history, previous loan details, CIBIL Score and many more. And this will enable you to provide better services to all your clients.

Highly Secure

Manage Unlimited Branches

You can create unlimited numbers of Branches for your business in multiple locations. And our software will serve you efficiently to do so. You can check all the business related activities of all your branches from any location. We have integrated Branch Management module in our application. With this module you'll find how easy to manage all your business with one go.

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MIS Reports

Now, you can get all kinds of MIS (Management Information System) reports just with a click. Our Loan Application can generate 100 different kinds of business reports for you. You can get Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Business collection reports; Installment Pending Reports, Late fee reports etc. You won't need any other resources to do this kind of accomplishment.

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Management of Employees

You don't need any other Employee Management Software as we enabled this feature in our Gold Loan Management Software. Now you can find and hire the right candidate for your company, check their attendance and performance, perceive the requirements, and address them accordingly with it. And this way you can boost the motivation and productivity of your employee.

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Accounting Reports

Now you can get detailed and systematic reports of daily financial transactions quite easily. With our Loan Software you will be able to generate Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss statements, Cash flow presentations and all other kinds of financial records. This will ensure the statutory compliance of your business, make budgets and future business projects very simple.

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General Reports

Our Software not only makes accounting and MIS reports. It also makes general reports of your business. It can help you and other key decision makers to make and plan and take crucial decisions. Whether your business is going through any you will be able to get the knowledge from the General Report. So that you can find perfect solutions against any such issue.

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Automation and Managament

Our software can employ smart automation to reduce the manual tasks. This will ensure error free daily business activities. You can erase the scope for frauds and errors in your financing procedures by enabling automated collections and debt recovery. Smart analysis will make people understand the current and future growth prospects of your organization.

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